The sights, sounds, and smells are unmistakable. The loud booming drums, the thousands of voices modifying classic tunes to besmirch the opponent, smoke bombs, giant tifo’s of famous players and coaches are now an MLS tradition. There is nothing like being in a supporters section during a soccer match. There are many here in the United States who go out every Saturday or Sunday and do their best to cheer on their squad. Supporter’s culture has flourished here in the U.S. over the past few years, but there was a time when it simply did not exist.

The film, “Muerte O Gloria: The Rise of the American Soccer Fan” uncovers the history of the rise of the American soccer fan by looking at one of the oldest and proudest supporters groups in all of Major League Soccer, La Barra Brava of D.C. United. Two weeks ago, before D.C. United’s match against the New York Red Bulls, I had the opportunity to speak with the film’s director, Mr. Mark Yancey. Mark is also already in pre-production on another film with Resulting Impact, the same production company that is producing, “Muerte O Gloria.”.... READ MORE